“I feel absolutely honored to write a client testimonial for Kita Cleaning. I’ve known Kita for two years now and her services have been remarkable. Kita is the type of person to go above and beyond expectations. She is the most reliable person I have met since I moved to London and I am so proud to have seen her business flourish. Kita Cleaning is the type of company that deserves nothing but continued success. Each week they come to my flat for a minimum of three hours and do a very thorough cleaning job. We are not ones to hold back on a party mess & after cleaning, our flat transforms into a wonderful place to live. Kita’s cleaning has improved our standard of living & I would recommend her services to anyone & everyone. All cleaners are very good at their job & the place spotless. I have never experienced any issues and for two years have consistently been happy with the service. The cleaning is done at a very respectable price & has yet to disappoint. Kita, congratulations on this website & your business. Wishing you the best & please feel free to have anyone call me directly for referrals.”
Marissa, W1

“Kita Cleaning is the most efficient and effective cleaning service i have ever used always striving to improve her team doesn’t stop at excellence.I highly recommend kita Cleaning.”

“It is with enthusiasm that I write this testimonial for the Kita Cleaning website. I have known Kita and her sister Maria for the past year and in short they are hardworking, motivated, reliable, professional, trustworthy and lovely people. They are at my flat every week without fail and they do by far the best job of any cleaner I have ever had in London. They are very thorough, and go above and beyond – for example, they know that with the long hours I work it is hard for me to find time to purchase cleaning products etc – so they purchase what they require and leave the bill – these little things make a big difference for me. There are three of us living in my flat and by the end of the weekend our flat is often in a less than perfect state…but on Monday evening, after Kita Cleaning has been there, the flat is sparkling again. I would HIGHLY recommend Kita Cleaning to anyone and everyone! All of my friends who are already using Kita Cleaning agree that they are not only great people but they do an excellent job. I wish Kita Cleaning all the success they deserve!”
Jackie, W11

“We at London Property Services, have the absolute pleasure of working with Kita & Maria. We find them to be most professional, hardworking, and honest, trustworthy.
If you are looking for the best team in London, with a professional attitude and the ability to work under stress, then please look no further than Kita & Maria.
We have no hesitation in recommending their fantastic service to you ! “
London Property Services, D Green

“Kita organised a fantastic spring clean for my house. She did a faultless job from top to tail. The house was sparkling after she came. I also have one of Kita’s cleaners as my regular cleaner, who is by far the best cleaner I have ever had. Sweet, excellent at cleaning, professional and trustworthy. Thanks to Kita we now have a cleaner who we love who comes every day to the house and I hope she never leaves!
I can highly recommend Kita and her girls.”
Sally, SW1X

“From the first contact (and the phone is answered straightaway), you sense that this is an efficient organisation. Kita, whose voice you hear, is there, in person; it’s not a machine; she is business-like and wants to help. Her team is the same mould; they are highly motivate, totally focused, sensitive to their surroundings and of your possessions, and they went far and beyond my expectation. I will highly recommend you to all my friends and defiantly will use your service in the future. . They take pride in their work and the results are first class.”

”It feels great to come home from work to a clean house. Kita and her employees are reliable, friendly and professional. They do an excellent job.”
Morgan , W11

“I just wanted to say how happy I am with the cleaning services provided by your company. Merry is the best cleaner I have ever had, and is incredibly efficient, polite, happy to do any task asked of her, and me and my housemates really appreciate the work that she does for us. I have personally recommended your company to several of my friends who are all less than happy with their cleaners!” You guys are the BEST!!! Good luck to you!!!”
Linda, sw4

“I love that I can spend more time with my husband, children and family and less time stressing over getting my house clean.”
Sarah, TW1

“The cleaners who cleaned my flat did an excellent job! Just awesome! IMy home is spotless, they worked above and beyond, it has never been so clean and it is appreciated. Everyone I had the pleasure of dealing with was professional in a professional manner. Thank you one and all!”

Nicol, W1

“I love coming home to a clean flat after a long working week. The KitaCleaning girls are very sweet, reliable and hardworking. They follow strictly my directions and clean above my expectations. KitaCleaning always finds a way to be flexible with my working program, most importantly my baby’s nap time. I can be assured that when my four year old is crawling around, that she is not picking up any harmful dirt or germs. The prices are definitely worth the job getting done right, they literally clean from top to bottom, never missing the smallest objects. I would definitely recommend KitaCleaning, they’re the best!”
Tamara, SW5