icon-paperPaper supplies

Our staff supplies different types of wall mountable dispensers, along with centrefeed roll, hand towels, and toilet paper.


icon-kitchenKitchen Supplies

We also offer scourers, sponges, dishwasher products, and washing up liquid. Catering supplies are also available.


icon-health-safetyHealth and Safety

We offer safety equipment and items such as different types of gloves, beard masks, and mob caps. Overshoes, eye wash and burns kits, and HSE approved first aid kits are also available.


icon-refuseRefuse sacks

In addition to kitchen and paper supplies, we offer clinical waste sacks, colored sacks, clear sacks, and other kinds of bin liners. We will save you money on refuse sacks. Waste bags and sacks are ideal for building, garden, office, and household rubbish. They fit into different types of bins and are produced from recycled materials. There are biodegradable sacks and sacks with printed warnings, suitable for toxic and specialist type of waste. Clear waste sacks are also popular as they allow users to see the contents of the sack.


icon-washroomWashroom Supplies

We stock and offer different types of timed automatic dispensers and other air fresheners. We also provide cistern cleaners, toilet brushers, and urinal screens or blocks. Serviced disposal units are also available.