Our Equipment

SX2700Prochem Steempro Powerplus Machine

Prochem Steempro Powerplus SX2700 is the Bigger Brother to the Steempro Power max it is a powerful professional carpet and upholstery extraction machine fitted with two 3 stage high lift by-pass motors and a 150psi induction pump. An internal “whisper quiet” silencer which is incorporated makes it one of the most powerful yet quiet portable extractors in the world .For large areas of carpet cleaning the Steempro Powerplus saves time on re-filling and emptying and the optional Heat ‘n’ Run in-line heat exchanger provides continuous hot cleaning solution. The machine comes complete with 7.6m of hose and 2-jet Glidemaster stainless steel wand.

NSU1500Numatic NRU1500 Nu-Speed Ultra Speed Floor Machine

The Nuspeed Ultra is unique in many respects providing a burnishing machine that automatically adjusts to varying floor conditions whilst in use and that can be easily manoeuvred in even the most restricted areas.

If it’s high lustre polish or wet look surfaces you are after then look no further. The Ultraflo’ incorporates an automatic floating head pad drive allowing a totally consistent performance between pad and floor and, by virtue of the increased power and pad pressure applied, a significant advance in the surface temperature is achieved
substantially improving the polishing results.

The Nuspeed series is now equipped as standard with performance enhancing “A.T.C”, Automatic Torque Control. A unique system that monitors operation and boosts torque, as required, to provide consistent performance under varying load conditions.

This machine will also be very well received in the many congested applications as its functional characteristics are totally neutral allowing effortless operation and control even in the most confined of locations.

The Dustrol vacuum system can easily be retrofitted providing an exceptional vacuuming/polishing combination resulting in not only highly polished but also fully vacuumed floors… doing two jobs at once really does make sound economic sense!

pvt370Numatic PVT390 Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Innovative trolley-style vacuum with AutoSave technology. The ProVac range is a perfect example of combining the very best innovation into a single product range to produce exceptional results in many more ways than one could imagine. The enhanced power and performance from our TwinFlo vacuum technology are fully complemented by a combination of the new NST sound reduction and AutoSave energy conservation systems. HepaFlo filtration not only raises performance standards but provides for clean and convenient emptying when full. Both of the design concepts have their own individual merits but need to be considered carefully when taking into account the cleaning regime, distances involved on a daily or weekly basis; building to building; up and down stairways; long corridors; all must play a part in the decision making process.

The AutoSave system automatically starts in the economy, energy conservation mode, immediately reducing your power requirements by half, exactly the same as switching off 10 x 60W light bulbs! If, at any time, more power is needed, one push of the Hi switch gives you literally twice as much which can sometimes be almost too much but fear not, a second push of the switch and you will automatically return to economy again. Simple green technology and yours to command.

Picture 049Numatic HET200A Hetty Pink Vacuum Cleaner

With over six million now in use, Henry has become one of Europe’s favourite vacuum cleaners. Now he has a new friend to bring a smile to those cleaning chores. Numatic brings you The Hetty (short for henrietta) vacuum cleaner in pink – HET200A Autosave, with all the features and specification of her friend Henry, Hetty includes the giant twinflo’, long life, 2-stage motors; with AutoSave – Energy Conservation – 50% Energy saving – 30% Improved Air Quality – 20% Lower Noise Level. Every time you switch Hetty on you will automatically start on the economy setting, only if more power is needed to cope with extra dirt do you need to push the red switch to operate in Hi mode. When you see the red light you know you are in Hi mode so when you go onto hard floors or deep carpets or don’t need maximum power, push the red switch again and you are back in economy mode.

In fact, if Henry’s got it, so has Hetty, but now she will even flutter her eyelashes!

Like Henry himself, Hetty has a comprehensive, high performance, long life, accessory kit and a full range of optional accessories which add even further
to its versatility.
The Hetty Vacuum Cleaner HET200A omes complete with the A1 tool kit.
Motor Power Hi 1200w / Lo 600w
Cleaning Range 26.8 m
Weight 6.6 kg
Power 230V AC 50/60Hz
Airflow 45 L/sec
Suction Hi2600/Lo1750 mm mm
Size 340x340x370mm
Capacity 9 L

1060948Marble, Granite & Concrete Floor Finishing Machine

A unique finishing system specifically designed for marble, granite, terrazzo and other stone floors, the Cimex Diamond Finishing Machine allows successive stages of stone floor surfaces to be completed more rapidly and with less effort than conventional methods.

The Cimex Diamond Finisher is a heavy duty stone and concrete refinishing machine. The unique patented three head planetary drive on our Diamond Finishing machines allow for aggressive grinding and re-polishing of all types of stone and concrete flooring. The action that is attained by the planetary motion levels high spots, eliminates lippage and produces a flat surface that is ideal for refinishing back to a high polish using the same machine.

The machine is portable, fitting through most doorways and available in 110 volt, 15 amp, making it ideal for all types of jobs.

Even Finish: Special design maintains even pressure, avoids cutting & rotational scoring.

Less Operator Fatigue: Unique counter-rotating system eliminates pulling action to reduce stress on operator, resulting in greater productivity and reduced labor costs.

Simple to Use: Unskilled personnel, even without previous experience, can produce professional results.

Cimex R48-DF – 19″ Diamond Finishing Machine includes (1) 35 lb. weight plate & velcro face pad drivers (set of 3).


Floor Finish Applicator

Microfiber Flat Mop Floor Finish System – For high appearance floors with a lustrous shine, you want just the right amount of floor finish applied in smooth, even coats. You also want a simple system that reduces your training cost and floor finish application time for improved productivity and lower operating costs. Sound about right? Then everything you need is included in the Finish System.

From six 18″ flat mops for efficient floor finish application, to a smooth skinned, easy-to-maneuver bucket designed for the flat mop.

The System also comes with an aluminum flat mop frame, tight-fitting bucket lid and a strainer screen.

Twist valve empties contents without lifting. Smooth, non-porous surface helps prevent bacterial growth and cleans easily.

1421530Commercial Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner – 12 gallon capacity

Tornado / Karcher NT 561 – Changing the expectation of a wet/dry vacuum, with simultaneous wet and dry recovery, electronic fluid shut-off, and automated filter cleaning.

For reliable wet/dry vacuum performance, add the NT 561 your cleaning and maintenance arsenal. Tornado/Karcher’s innovative eco filters allow liquid and dust to be picked up simultaneously without having to stop to change filters.

Our unique Power Filter Clean system effectively cleans the filter by pulses of air activated by a trigger control on the handle.

This guarantees constant high suction power at all times, longer periods of uninterrupted operation, lower maintenance costs and a longer service life. The NT series has been truly designed with performance and safety in mind.

1411001Carpet Extractor-High Pressure Carpet Cleaning Machine

1000 Series Portable Carpet Extractors – The New portable carpet extractors are packed full of valuable features and benefits that will help the carpet cleaning technician be effective and efficient without breaking the equipment budget.

The 1000 series high pressure carpet extractor with Boosted Cleaning Power features. An adjustable 220 psi pump and dual two-stage vacuum motors producing 200 cfm. Large 12″ rear wheels, 5″ front casters and easy-grip handles provide trouble-free maneuverability and stair climbing capability.

220 psi adjustable solution pump
Dual 2 stage vacuum motors in parallel producing 200 cfm
Large 12″ non-marking wheels & 5″ front casters
Handles: Upper and rear handle serves as a cord wrap
Stainless steel scrub wand: double bend dual jet
25′ Vacuum and Solution hose set
Lint trap pre-filter, filters out foreign objects from entering vacuum chamber
Built-in automatic “pump primer”
50′ power cord