Office Cleaning London

office cleaning

Our team of professional cleaners offers office cleaning services for every industry sector. We will mop and sweep the floors and staircase and will clean the foyer and reception area. Our team will disinfect and clean the toilets and washrooms and will clean all baseboards, millwork, and light fixtures. We will clean the kitchen area, including all appliances, and will collect the trash. Our cleaners will vacuum all carpeted areas and will clean the glass doors.

We will clean the handles, sink, chairs, and tables in the kitchen and break room. Our cleaners will swipe and sanitize the fridge, oven, coffee makers, and other appliances. They will replace the towels and rolls of paper and will clean all surfaces. We also clean your office, common area, and conference room as well. Our cleaners will wipe down and dust all edges and countertops and will clean all window sills and windows. They will wipe down, disinfect, and dust the hall walls and will dust all shelves. In addition, our team will disinfect and clean all keyboards, computers, and cabinets and will disinfect the phones and work desks in the fax and copier room, data room, and other areas.

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