Our housekeepers offer professional cleaning services to busy homeowners. They will vacuum the floors, clean dirty surfaces, store your belongings in their regular places, dispose of rubbish, and a lot more. Our housekeepers are fully insured, trained, hard-working, and reliable.

They will dust behind furniture and will mop all floors. The window sills and windows will be cleaned and the upholstery will be vacuumed. The top of doors will be wiped down. We will disinfect the door handles and will clear the shelves and drawers of old magazines and newspapers. Our cleaners will also clean your bedroom furniture and wooden furniture. We will clean your storage units and will vacuum under mattresses. The fittings, shower, and bathtub will be de-scaled, cleaned, and polished. We will also clean and polish the floors in the bathroom. The toilet will be disinfected and cleaned as well. Our housekeepers will clean all woodwork, paintwork, and kitchen appliances as well.

Our housekeepers and cleaners will tidy and clean your house and will clean and dust all surfaces. They use special, eco-friendly solutions, detergents, and products and will cause minimal disruption. Our cleaners and housekeepers use an extensive checklist to ensure that your property is spotless clean.

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